Register GetAmplitudes Method A Sandcastle Documented Class Library

Returns amplitudes of each possible state of register. Amplitude is a complex number, which squared magnitude is the probability of the state.

If register is entangled, the amplitudes cannot be computed. Thus, the method GetAmplitudes() returns null for such registers. The method returns meaningful value, if register is RootRegister, or if it was not a part of multi-register operations (see Quantum.Operations). Even if the register is not entangled with any other, but was used in multi-register operation, the returned value is null because such operation connect participating registers into one RootRegister.

Namespace: Quantum
Assembly: Quantum (in Quantum.dll) Version: (

public IReadOnlyDictionary<ulong, Complex> GetAmplitudes()

Return Value

Type: IReadOnlyDictionary UInt64, Complex 

Dictionary, where key is a possible state, and value is amplitude of that state.

Null, if register is a part of other register (e.g. RootRegister, after participating in multi-register operation).

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