Quantum.Operations NamespaceA Sandcastle Documented Class Library
The namespace contains extension methods for QuantumComputer class. These methods contain implementations of important complex quantum computations, such as Quantum Fourier Transform, Exp Modulo, quantum gates on qubits in different registers etc..

Public classAddExtension

Extension methods for performing simple, classically-inspired addition.

To add two registers, call Add(QuantumComputer, Register, Register). To inverse the operation (perform a subtraction), call InverseAdd(QuantumComputer, Register, Register). The rest of methods here are helpers used for performing these two. Nevertheless, each can be called independently.

Public classAddModuloExtension
Public classExpModuloExtension
Extension methods for performing modular exponentiation of quantum registers.
Public classGatesExtension

Important extensions for performing any operation referencing more than one register, e.g. C-NOT where the control bit is in different register than the target bit.

This class contains every quantum gate operation implemented in Register class, which enables performing them on qubits in different registers.

Public classLoadNumberExtension
Public classMultModuloExtension
Public classQFTExtension
Extensions for performing the Quantum Fourier Transform.
Public classSwapExtension
Extensions performing Swap operations.
Public classTrivialInverseExtension
Public classWalshExtension
Simple extension for applying Hadamard gates on each qubit in Register. Such operation is called Walsh-Hadamard transform.