QuIDE - Quantum IDE

QuIDE is a quantum computer simulation platform written in C#.

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API Documentation
QuIDE.dll - standalone C# library to use directly in source code



CGW 2014 Conference

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MSc Theses

Joanna Patrzyk - Graphical and programming support for simulations of quantum computations
Bartłomiej Patrzyk - Review, analysis and simulation of quantum algorithms in cryptography


This program and its source code is freely available for all to use and change, under the GNU General Public License v3.0 (or greater), which you agree to when using this program or its source code. By downloading QuIDE, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of the GNU General Public License

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Joanna Patrzyk
Bartłomiej Patrzyk

The QuIDE was developed under the supervision of dr Katarzyna Rycerz and dr Marian Bubak.

Issue Tracker

For any problems with the simulator, please report an issue in our Issue Tracker.